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“Be Kind”|Off The Shoulder Graphic Tee From Amazon

”Be Kind”

That motto is very important now of days. The world is going through a lot and individually we are going through things which is normal. When you set foot outside your door or even when you interact with people on social media be kind to them. We are all battling something so just a kind gesture could change someone’s day for the better.

We also need to be kind to ourselves. Often we have all the love and grace for others but not ourselves. We have to remember to love ourselves and show ourselves the same kindness we show others. Self love is best. If you aren’t kind to yourself you can’t really be kind to others.

I say all that to say that’s the reason I choose this top because of the message. We need to spread the message. Besides the top having the right message, it’s also a cute top. It’s perfect to create that everyday look. That’s actually the type of look I created.

Below are visuals of the top/the look. Thanks again for checking out my blog and this post. Leave all your comments,

questions and kind thoughts below.


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